Sunday, February 12, 2012

Adding a sound volunteer

Today was the first planned solo day for Greg, our new sound guy.  He's run the service once before, but I was behind the board with him then (adjusting the recording mix, but still there).  I had hoped for him to run it solo today with me sitting in a far corner, but it turns out that I am expected to attend family functions, so I was hours away.  It's definitely not the best week to have the record snake multi-pin go out when I don't have time to repair it.

Last night I found out the band leader (who is all wireless) would be gone and the pastor (who is wired) would be standing in for him.  I'm glad that I was able to get everything laid out and plugged in last night, but because the pastor rarely sings & plays guitar during the service I don't have any gain or EQ set up for him.  The mix can get along without the band leader's guitar (not great, but it works), but the pastor's guitar and guitar style are difficult to mix into the rest of the band, especially when he can't be at rehearsals or warm-ups.

I didn't get any calls today, and I'm pretty confident in Greg's mixing abilities, so I doubt anything went wrong.  I hope that's not wishful thinking.  I'm interested to hear his evaluation of how he did.  I'm also hoping that as the pastor and the band start to hear two different people mixing on a more regular basis they'll start to give us a little more input (not feedback) on what they want out of the speakers and monitors.

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